1. Who is Funky Shadez?

We are an independent business started in 2020 with the goal of providing high-quality polarised sunglasses at a great price. 

How long does it take for my sunglasses to arrive? 

2. We estimate 2-3 weeks, though customers often find that they come sooner. We are hopeful that we can speed up the delivery time soon. In the meantime, going by our customer reviews, we are confident you'll find them worth the wait. 

3. Can I return my sunglasses?

Absolutely. We don't think you will want to (of the thousands of customers who have bought Funky Shadez we have only had a handful of returns) but if for any reason you are unhappy with your sunglasses you can return them within fourteen days. See our return policy for more

4. How are your sunglasses so cheap? Are they cheaply made?

Most big-name companies mark up their sunglasses significantly. We pride ourselves on offering high quality sunglasses at a reasonable price. All our sunglasses are made with polycarbonate frames, HD polarised lenses, and stainless steal hinges. 

5. How can I become a partner or affiliate with Funky Shadez?

Just reach out to us at info@funkyshadez.co.uk. As the popularity of Funky Shadez grows so does out list of partners! Visit Cobra Racing to see an example of a brand partnership with Funky Shadez.  

6. Do you ship orders to the UK? If so, how will orders to the UK be shipped?

Yes, we ship to the UK. To get your order to you, we've partnered with Passport Shipping and they will be the Seller for all orders to the UK £135 and Under.

6. Are you interested in working with influencers?

Yes! If you have a large following on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, or Twitter and are a good fit for our demographic we would love to talk to you about opportunities to promote the Funky Shadez brand.